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My son suffered from ADHD all through school and high school. We got desperate by his senior year and Sena at Old Pueblo Acupuncture was recommended to us by a friend whose son has the same problem.

The short of it is……Sena IS AMAZING!! She guided us through the whole process, worked at my son’s pace, accommodated his needs and put us both at ease. In the last few months, my son has made significant improvements. He is able to focus, sleeping better, better mood and less “episodes” or meltdowns. Now makes his own appointments and is excited to go. He just graduated high school with good grades and is applying to college.

Thank you Sena for helping all of us help our son. We are so grateful.



I have received help and support from Sena for relief from many low-grade, chronic issues such as allergies, digestive irregularities, and hot flashes, and from acute issues such as joint pain and headaches.  In many cases, the relief I experience is both instantaneous and long-lasting.  Sena is a valued member of my health care team.  She is a gifted and intuitive technician who listens well to the needs of her clients.



I honestly do not know what I would have done if I had not found Old Pueblo Acupuncture.  Perimenopause was significantly affecting my quality of life.  Everyday activities made me feel overwhelmed with anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, and not wanting to leave the house – just to name a few.

I had previously tried acupuncture treatment from another practitioner. The treatment felt very impersonal, generic, and frankly did very little.  The concept of acupuncture seemed promising, so I thought I would try it with someone else.

From my first visit with Sena, I got the feeling that she would be able to help me.  Her caring and individual approach was far different from my first experience with acupuncture.  She understood and validated what I was going through.  She treated me for me and the results have been fantastic!  I feel better on a daily basis than I have for a long time.

Sena did a great job putting me back together and I am happy to report that I feel like I have my life back. Thank you!

Cathy B


I am 80 years old and had severe back and hip pain. I was referred to Sena at Old Pueblo Acupuncture for pain relief. I was depressed, unable to walk or stand very well when I walked in the door. I had never tried this kind of thing before. Sena was so kind and patient with me. She talked me through the whole treatment. I fell deep asleep and rested for the first time in months and months.

I got up off the table 100% pain-free! I started crying. I couldn’t believe it. This experience has changed my life! Sena is a miracle worker in my book.

I have since worked with Sena to resolve neck and shoulder issues as well. My last few visits have been with Shinai to resolve stubborn hip pain and she is just as wonderful. I recommend Old Pueblo Acupuncture to anyone suffering from pain. It will change your life!

Thank you, Old Pueblo Acupuncture, for everything you do.

Richard D.

Green Valley

Sena treated me recently during my rehab from a lateral transverse fracture of my Patella (yes, I managed to break my knee cap completely in half!).  She enabled my fast and thorough recovery by treating my pain, swelling, and ancillary muscle discomfort that eventually manifested throughout my body from having very restricted movement for the first several weeks after the fracture.

Sena is a natural caregiver and that sensibility certainly comes through her work as a healing practitioner (practically speaking, she’s been providing this devoted service for either one or both of her grandparents on a daily basis for over 17 years!).  Her nurturing abilities are palpable and she continuously shares them with others.  It’s just a big part of who she is.

At Old Pueblo Acupuncture, Sena puts a spin on what could be expected from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in that, as people and a health practitioner, she is such a warm, welcoming and truly caring person that is concerned with providing everyone with the most educated, intuitive, comprehensive and effective healing treatments.  Sena is gifted at listening to and working with you.  You can’t ask for more love and devotion by healing practitioners and you will not want to leave their soothing and relaxing setting when your treatment session is completed.  Pretty sure they don’t offer overnight accommodations on the premises.



Ever since my son was 2, he wet the bed.  Day after day I washed sheets and grew more and more frustrated.  I spent so much money on pull-ups and just couldn’t take it anymore. I heard through a friend that there was an acupuncture treatment for this particular ailment.  So when my son was  8 years old I decided that it would be beneficial to try.  After only ONE 10 minute session, my son had NO more accidents!  It was truly a miracle for us. Thank you Sena Kimbrell and Old Pueblo Acupuncture for this life-changing gift!

Tara D.


I am so grateful I found this woman!!! Sena with Old Pueblo Acupuncture has a true gift! I came to her as a last resort with a myriad of issues. I have low back pain, endometriosis, migraines, IBS, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and the list goes on. I have been to so many MDs, NP, and specialist and always walked away feeling more frustrated than when I went in. My best friend sees Sena and referred me to her. Thank God!

I have seen her for 8 visits now and WOW! ALL my overall symptoms are less, probably by half or more. The first to go was my back pain, then sleep got better, then my anxiety went away and now we are getting to the bottom of all the deeper issues. Sena is excellent at coaching me through this process. She is so kind and compassionate you just feel safe with her. You know she has your best interest at heart and will do her best to figure out your problems.

I LOVE her! Can you love your practitioner? Yes. Yes, you can 😊 You can love anyone who helps you have a better life like this.

I am so glad to be part of this healing environment, to be with this wonderful healer. I would recommend Old Pueblo Acupuncture to anyone. I would especially recommend Sena!

Suzanna W.


For years I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain. The pain was always there, some days worse than others.  At times the pain is so bad that I can hardly move.  I went to see Sena at Old Pueblo Acupuncture and I’ve had such a great experience.  In just a few weeks, my pain was considerably less and now I have a treatment 2 or 3 times a month for maintenance.  I have 70% less pain! I’m so glad I found Old Pueblo Acupuncture!



I was diagnosed 10 years ago with “Severe Tinnitus” due to my military service of loading bombs onto aircraft. It has resulted in severe insomnia, depression, and anxiety issues.  The worst of it is the insomnia.  Having tried all hearing devices, snake oil pills, countless sleep meds, and countless drugs, I found that none of these helped with the insomnia.  I go to the gym daily, meditate, but could not sleep due to the constant ringing.

All of my options were depleted.  So, I visited Old Pueblo Acupuncture. I have been in treatment for 6 months and have received favorable results.  Thank God!  They have basically given me a new life!  I’ve been sleeping 5 to 6 hours and the intense ringing has subsided somewhat.  The staff is very professional and operate a first-class clinic!  Acupuncture goes way back and I truly believe it has helped me. I would personally like to thank them and would highly recommend their services to anyone, including fellow veterans, for any medical or health-related issues.  Great job guys!  Again, I thank you.

JD USMC Vietnam Veteran


Pain, pain go away, and do not return any other day! In Kentucky, prior to coming to Tucson, I tried pain pills and chiropractic. After the long drive to Tucson, I was in extreme pain from arthritis in my spine and left hip, and also in my upper back and shoulders. To express it mildly, I was so miserable I started to think or wonder if life was worth living. Our sweet daughter, Alice, and our caring son-in-law, Randy suggested I try acupuncture and recommended Sena at Old Pueblo Acupuncture.

After coming to Old Pueblo Acupuncture, I can once again open jars by myself, sit, stand, walk, get up from bed, and get out of a chair with zero pain. I recommend Old Pueblo Acupuncture to all. May God bless Sena for the excellent work she does to help me live pain-free! If someone you know has pain, think about Old Pueblo Acupuncture for relief. You will be surprised at how effective it is to relieve pain.

Mary Carol L,


I started going to another acupuncturist during the summer and thought he was great but he went out of town and told me if I needed to see someone to call Sena at Old Pueblo Acupuncture.  I called and made an appointment and I instantly knew I had come across the right person for me.  I have sleep issues, I am always tired, I was dealing with hot flashes and belly bloat.  Just never felt right.   Sena has an instinct that I find so fascinating.  She will find tender spots on me that I didn’t even know I had and will ask is this bothering you and sure enough, she is correct.  She has helped me with a nutritional supplement which along with acupuncture has helped greatly.  I so look forward to my one-hour visits.  I don’t feel like I am just fighting to get through the day anymore.  With Sena’s help, I actually feel better.  My husband has seen the difference in me and was interested in checking it out.  I never thought my husband would even try acupuncture but needless to say he is now a believer too.  My son has also gone and they love going as much as I do.

L. Martin


I’m not gonna lie, I was a skeptic about acupuncture.  I thought that just staying in shape and eating well with an occasional foray to the chiropractor was all I needed to keep my body on an even keel.  But the day came when it wasn’t enough.  I sit upright in an airplane a lot of hours every week, and that, plus normal physical wear and tear was overwhelming me to the point where I was struggling to get enough energy to do a workout.  Not good.  My wife is a big believer, so I took her advice and made an appointment. I figured the worst thing that could happen was—no change.  I’ve never been so glad I made a change as when I came out of the first appointment with Sena.  I got an education, nice relaxing treatment, and good advice on how to improve my physical well-being.  But of course, just one treatment is kind of like testing the water with a toe—you don’t really get a sense of the depth or temperature unless you dive in.  So I’m in.  I feel better, clearer, more well-rested and have more energy and a better outlook than I have in a long time.  Sena has opened my eyes to a better way of physical care and I’m grateful—I strongly recommend Old Pueblo Acupuncture.

Joel M.


Hello, World!!  My daughter Renee Chester was born with birth defects, also in 2004 she had a stroke, lost all her function of her body.  She has pain from head to toes.  Since we found Sena her life has been much happier. My other daughter also goes to Old Pueblo Acupuncture.  She has Lupus.  She also has found that, with acupuncture, her sleep has really improved. Sena is a totally wonderful human being.

Renee C.


My acupuncture experience 🙂 – To experience acupuncture is truly the most amazing gift one can do for oneself. And learning to meditate is something we all can do to help get the benefits of it all.  Sena and Shinai are masters at this craft of healing.  You tell what’s wrong and they try and usually succeed of tackling your problems. If your Goals are to feel balanced, healthy, happy, less pain then you have all you need to help you be on your merry way of life. Sore shoulder, neck, Bladder not good – men and women!  Trust me, they got it. You still need your Dr., but you will probably go see your acupuncturist more!  Sena and Shinai are masters.

Trisha F.


I have been with Old Pueblo Acupuncture since 2014. I came in with IBS and severe stomach problems. I continued with Sena for my food allergies and headaches. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in my life, I was no longer able to leave my house. Sena is wonderful, skillful, and very sensitive. I highly recommend Old Pueblo Acupuncture as a solution to your health problems.

Shirley D.


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