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Tucson Acupuncture Clinic, Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Acupressure, Massage, and PEMF Tucson

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Welcome to Old Pueblo Acupuncture! We are a locally owned and operated Chinese Medicine clinic serving the greater Tucson area. Our staff, with a combined clinical experience of over 60 years, utilize a combination of acupuncture, TuiNa (Chinese bodywork), cranial-sacral therapy, and Chinese herbs to help you achieve optimal health.

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What is the value of using Old Pueblo Acupuncture?   Where many doctors and other practitioners fail, we take the time to get to know you, your needs, and health and wellness history to create a treatment plan that is uniquely suited to optimize your recovery towards health and wellness.

We do this by utilizing time-tested holistic medicine.

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Tucson Acupuncture Clinic, Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Acupressure, Massage, and PEMF Tucson

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Your Experienced & Caring Tucson Acupuncture Clinic

Sena Kimbrell, Old Pueblo Acupuncture

Sena Kimbrell: Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award recipient

Old Pueblo Acupuncture Clinic, Tucson AZ

At Old Pueblo Acupuncture, we utilize the full range of Chinese Medicine from Acupuncture to TuiNa Therapy, PEMF to Fire Cupping, and Moxibustion to Healthy Coaching.

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After coming to Old Pueblo Acupuncture, I can once again open jars by myself, sit, stand, walk, get up from bed, and get out of a chair with zero pain. I recommend acupuncture to all. May God bless Sena for the excellent work she does to help me live pain-free! If someone you know has pain, think about Old Pueblo Acupuncture for relief. You will be surprised at how effective it is to relieve pain.” 

Mary C.

Tucson, AZ

“For years I’ve suffered from chronic low back pain. The pain was always there, some days worse than others.  At times the pain is so bad that I can hardly move.  I went to see Sena at Old Pueblo Acupuncture and I’ve had such a great experience.  In just a few weeks, my pain was considerably less and now I have a treatment 2 or 3 times a month for maintenance.  I have 70% less pain! I’m so glad I found Old Pueblo Acupuncture!”


Tucson, AZ



How We Adapt to Chronic Pain

How We Adapt to Chronic Pain

There are many ways to adapt to injury and chronic pain. You can… Limit activity Favor the injury Rest more, do less Use pain relievers, medications, and anti-inflammatories While these adaptations may temporarily dull the pain, they cost you productivity, sleep and...

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Green Detox Smoothie

Green Detox Smoothie

A healthy smoothie, full of naturally detoxifying veggies and fruit to help you feel great this spring. Ingredients 1 cup green tea, cooled 1 cup loosely packed cilantro 1 cup loosely packed organic baby kale, (or other baby greens) 1 cup cucumber 1/2 cup pineapple...

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