Tucson PEMF Testimonials


“PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is amazing!”

Tucson PEMF “Cellular Exercise”

Dear Old Pueblo Acupuncture,

Thank you so much for the excellent experience at Old Pueblo Acupuncture.  Your office is always so relaxing and your staff so very friendly and helpful.

My experience with the PEMF was quite interesting. A bit of history. I’ve been an active senior for the last couple of decades (I just turned 80 this year!). Almost every morning, I either hike Sabino Canyon around 6 miles or do my 20-mile bicycle ride. I also stay active with my volleyball and softball leagues. However, about 6 months ago, I started having difficulties with my right rotator cuff and my sciatica. I did not want to get sidelined at all, but it became difficult to even shift my car while driving. I drive a standard transmission.

I quickly began physical therapy, which seemed to help a bit. A couple of weeks later, I began a series of your PEMF therapy, which felt to benefit deep inside my tissues. It was kind of a strange, but neat sensation.

Well, I’d like to report that between the PEMF sessions and my physical therapy, my rotator cuff and my sciatica improved dramatically, and enough for me to complete a 4-day volleyball tournament and a weeklong bicycle trip in Utah with very little discomfort. I could not have done that without your help or treatment.

The other exciting result of the PEMF sessions was having far more energy during the day and much better sleep at night!

Again, many thanks to you and your caring staff!

Mary C.

80 Years Old, Tucson AZ

The diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma Cancer (treatable, but not curable)

The results: hundreds of lesions in my bones, many in my spine. These lesions (or holes) are very painful. After 12 radiation treatments, 6 months of weekly chemo, and a Stem Cell Transplant which kept me in the hospital for 30 days, the pain was still unbearable and my quality of life was becoming more and more challenging. The lesions in my spine resulted in collapsed vertebrae and even a fracture. In order to get thru the day I was taking oxycodone several times a day – I knew I had to look for alternative treatments as being reliant on opioids was not appealing to me. Acupuncture had helped me in previous years for other things, so I sought out treatment in my area and found Old Pueblo Acupuncture. The treatments were helpful, but it was then I was introduced to PEMF. This is an adjunct service offered at their office.

My treatments consisted of 1-hour sessions, 3 times a week. Initially, I didn’t feel much different, but after a couple of weeks the size of the area of pain had shrunk, as well as the intensity of the pain had lessened. After a month I noticed a major improvement in energy level as well as being able to take fewer pain meds just to get through the day. After four months I was back to being able to walk three miles a day, and no longer need pain meds on a daily basis. The pain meds were only needed after a particularly heavy day of activities, or over-use of those muscles.

Success! Pain decreased, energy level increased, and pain meds were no longer a daily requirement. The PEMF treatment was well worth the time. Patience is needed though as the improvements are more gradual and not immediate; but the end results of having a body and spirit that is more healed, as opposed to covering the pain with meds, was well worth the wait and the time.


Sahuarita, AZ

PEMF Tucson, Video 1, www.oldpuebloacupuncture.com

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(Pulsed electromagnetic field) Cellular Exercise